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The GameNetic, an Interactive Human Powered Game Column

The GameNetic is a game console designed for the public space. The game starts by pumping the foot pedal a few times.

​Once charged with Human Powered Energy, there’s the option to choose from 4 diverse games. These fun and interactive games are played by using the two brightly illuminated push buttons, the foot pedal and the display.

Having such a game console in the public space brings all kinds of developmental benefits to the players. Social skills, competitive skills cognitive skills are just one of the few aspects that get devloped.

Installation of the GameNetic is quite easy because it runs on Human Powered Energy! This means that there is no need for power cables or batteries. We should all play a bit more and with the GameNetic we can!


  • Length: ​310 mm
  • Width: ​380 mm
  • Height: ​920 mm
  • Weight: ​23 ​kg
​All Human Powered Play products use .mp3 coding format. This is a universally used file format for audio. It allows for easy customization and content creation.
​Several Human Powered Play products have a removable USB stick with .mp3 audio files. This allows for easy customization and new content.
​Human Powered Play products offer fun, exciting and challenging games through brightly illuminated push buttons or other forms of input.
​Human Powered Play products can enrich the playing experience through LED lighting technology.
​All Human Powered Play products are weather resistant.
All Human Powered Play products enhance the playing experience through beautiful audio design.
​All Human Powered Play products are 100% Human Powered. The user generates the energy. There is no need for external electricity or batteries.