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Creating A Regular Inspection Routine Will Go A Long Way In Increased Longevity Of Your Playground Equipment
September 1, 2020

Creating A Regular Inspection Routine Will Go A Long Way In Increased Longevity Of Your Playground Equipment

1-in-3 playground injuries are allegedly a result of a lack of maintenance or improper maintenance. For a child, a playground is a gratifying kingdom inspiring adventure and imagination. In addition to enlivening physical health and encouraging rudimentary development, a playground should be a safe haven for children of all ages.

Fortunately, as an educated overseer, you have direct control over the maintenance and upkeep of your playground and therefore should not have any reason for accidents or injuries due to this matter.


Proper Playground Equipment

Well-maintained playground equipment can help children develop cognitive, physical, communicative, social, and emotional behaviors in a safe environment. Additionally, proper maintenance, in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions, will help prolong the life of the equipment; however, most playground equipment is designed to last up to 15 years without requiring a lot of maintenance to maintain its appearance and functionality.

Creating a regular inspection routine will go long way in increased longevity of your playground equipment and in turn, confirm that your play area will remain safe and up to proper standards. We recommend performing yearly, quarterly, monthly, and even daily inspections on your equipment in accordance with national safety standards.


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